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By James Siegel

Following a perilous string of clues, Riskin reveals himself in scorching pursuit of a little-known international struggle II legal named Dr. Petoit, who, after promising sanctuary to countless numbers of fleeing Jews in occupied France, led them to loss of life in his own residence. As Riskin uncovers his friend's personal to blame half in those crimes, he himself comes nose to nose with the final word evil.

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Samuels to Shankin to Timinsky. Follow the list. It took him over an hour to fix each of the names to the maps, after which, sweating but good, he fit one into his pocket and the other into his bag, that one for in case. This sort of fastidiousness had been more Jean’s way than his, but that was the way he was going. He had Jean’s list, so he’d go the way Jean would have. Copy the habits, he used to say. When you’re looking for someone, copy the habits. So okay, that’s what he’d do. Then he lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling, as if it held the answers he desperately needed to hear.

Jean was different. Jean had the kind of clients that paid the mortgage. He could not only spot guilt at fifty paces—he could embrace it like an old pal. Wiseguys, loan sharks, number runners, dope peddlers, and political goons tended to carry his card around in their wallets. Anyone who needed a bagman or a bogeyman or some queer stuff they could use to strong-arm someone else—they all came to Jean. It was his earlier career in reverse: instead of helping the innocent go free, he helped the guilty-as-charged instead.

Down went the lid. “Closed,” William said. “You have to ask . ” the old man muttered, shaking his head and walking back out through the entranceway. William followed him; the old man back on his chair again, rigid and unforgiving. The landlord came over to introduce himself. His name was Rodriguez. Only he wasn’t the landlord after all—just the janitor. “I just said I was the fuckin’ landlord. ” Jean had asked him to take care of things if something happened to him. ” William asked. “Heart attack,” Rodriguez said and slapped his chest.

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