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Those lectures are interested by a vital subject in chemistry (and, extra quite often, in any molecular science): what makes a response ‘go’ and what determines to place of equilibrium. placed in a different way, we'll be taking a look into what's the motive force for chemical reactions for you to clarify why a few reactions pass fullyyt to items, while a few come to a place of equilibrium during which there are a great deal of reactants nonetheless present.
We shall see there there's one vitally important actual legislation, the second one legislations of Thermodynamics, which determines even if a response (or actual technique) will ‘go’ and what the placement of equilibrium is. The legislation itself is easy to kingdom, yet operating from this assertion to sensible relationships and concepts which we will be able to follow is a reasonably concerned activity. a considerable a part of those lectures could be dedicated to displaying how the second one legislation should be built during this approach; we are going to then pass directly to examine a few purposes.

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For a mixture of ideal gases, the partial pressure of i, pi is given by pi = xi ptot where ptot is the total pressure and xi is the mole fraction of i. The mole fraction of i is given by xi = ni ntot ntot = n1 + n2 + . . = ni i where ni is the number of moles of i, and ntot is the total number of moles of all species, found by adding together all of the ni . It is clear from these definitions that the sum of all the mole fractions of the substances in a mixture is = 1. Before mixing, when gas A is in its separate compartment, its partial pressure is p.

At absolute zero, kT goes to zero and so all the molecules must be in the lowest energy level (the ground state). There is thus only one way of arranging them, W = 1 and hence, from S = k ln W, the entropy is zero. This is the reason for choosing S at absolute zero to be zero. Having this zero point enables us to determine absolute entropies. In contrast, there is no such natural zero for enthalpy or internal energy, so we cannot determine these quantities absolutely. Measuring heat capacities right down to absolute zero (or, in practice, as close as we can get) is not a particularly easy task but it has been done for many substances.

We shall see that the enthalpy and the internal energy are complementary functions which have the important properties that: • the internal energy change, ∆U, is equal to the heat under constant volume conditions; • the enthalpy change, ∆H, is equal to the heat under constant pressure conditions. This section closes with a discussion of heat capacities. Unpromising though these quantities seem to be, they turn out to be the key to many important calculations. Not least of these is that heat capacities provide us with a practical way of determining the entropies of substances – an exceptionally important application which we will discuss in the next section.

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