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By Zdenko Krnic

The fourth completely revised and up to date variation of the ECO, quantity E, brings extra a hundred and forty four pages of the new material:

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6
1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 with no 3... d5
King's Indian, Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Catalan, Bogo-Indian, ...
video games and analyses from Chess Informants 1-101

The 4th variation of Encyclopedia of Chess Openings E is made up quite often of the video games, research and checks of best Grandmasters. the focal point is wear video games performed lately and released in Chess Informant in addition to different courses.

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44 hxg5 *X&+ 45 &g1 Wdl+ 46 &g2 we2+ 47 &h3 wxf3!! One would think that in return for his sacrificed rook, Black intends to mate his rival's king... wxe3+ 54 Ed4 c2. 53 We7+ 54 &b6 Wxa7+! 55 h a 7 (68) ... Makarychev - Naumkin Moscow Ch 1983 28 Ec7 Wxa3 The threat was 29 Ab4. 30 k b 4 Wf3! is unclear. 29 '##cl!! White opts for an ending, not a mating attack! 29 wxcl+ 30 Axcl &d8 31 Xxa7 Xe8 32 &a3 (70) ... exchanging queens! 55 c2 0-1 ... See diagram 69 opposite. White is a pawn down, but Black has not finished his development.

The psychological basis of Polugaevsky's plan was: surely Gufeld won't decide to give up his favourite bishop" (Gufeld, 1994). It proved very effective. with Black having the more comfortable game (0-1'46). E3) Choice of an off-beat weapon Sometimes the enemy pursues ordinary schemes by employing rare (at least for him) weapons. A defensive player may play aggressively; a player with a tendency for combinations suddenly heads for a technical endgame; and so on. See diagram 66 opposite. 19 Axe51 GM Eduard Gufeld is known for his predilection for King Indian formations, and, even more, for his devotion to the g7-bishop.

43 9133 Black has a clear advantage, despite being a pawn down. With the following moves he increases his pressure. 44 &l Pb2+ 45 &g1 Ae7 46 E b l X x b l 4 7 a x b l w b 8 48 Qc3 k c 4 49 k f l &d4! 50 u x d 4 50 k x c 4 kxc5. 34 Surprise in Chess - Soto Larrea Ortega Cuba 1953 What has happened? It transpires that if 53 &g2 wh7!! then after all the wrestling on the queenside, the coup-de-gr&e comes on the kingside! A spectacular finish. In diagram 35 White enjoys a considerable space advantage and MatuloviC - Tsvetkov Varna 1966 pressure on the weak point f7.

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