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By Yvonne Navarro

Elektra Natcios died, as soon as. however the attractive, harmful heiress was once resurrected and recruited by means of a mysterious staff often called The Chaste, who knowledgeable Elektra within the paintings of wrestle, then solid her out whilst her anger and lust for vengence turned greater than they can endure. Now she works as a paid murderer, the superior that money can purchase, one that is infamous for her deadly velocity and precision. Elektra is cautious to regard every one project as simply one other activity, delivering a carrier she will be able to practice larger than somebody else. while Elektra is employed by means of an unknown buyer to dispose of an enticing, pleasant widower and his younger daughter, she unearths that issues are usually not so uncomplicated from now on. quickly Elektra is single-handedly engaged in an all-out battle with the strong felony association often called The Hand for the lives of the fellow and the kid - however the final fight can be for Elektra's soul...

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The furniture in her father’s study had been the last in the house to be draped, but his massive desk was still uncovered. Elektra hurried over to it and checked the drawers as quietly as she could, going through each one until she found the key she’d seen him put away the day before. Clutching it in her palm, she dragged one of the leather chairs over to the wall cabinets, then pulled the sheet aside and climbed on top of it. She had to stretch to get the key into the lock, and for a long three seconds she didn’t think she’d be able to make it turn.

As Elektra headed down the beach at her usual measured pace, she was helpless to prevent her mind from wandering back through the years, touching here and there on times both painful and happy— Beyond the bridge entrance, the maze on her parents’ estate was thick and green, and freshly cut—it smelled wonderful, like concentrated summer just released from a tightly stoppered bottle. She was supposed to be quiet or she’d be found out, but she couldn’t, no matter how hard she tried, and when her mother’s face peeked around a corner and their eyes met, young Elektra erupted into giggles and abandoned her attempts at stealth.

Finally, Elektra eased the bowstring forward and lowered the bow. ” There was a moment of stunned silence on the other end, very rare for McCabe. He was a man who always had something to say, usually a comment sarcastic enough to annoy the person on his receiving end. Elektra kept up her momentum and her routine, flipping rapidly through her key ring until she found the only one she wanted before tossing the others into one of several filled plastic garbage bags on the floor. “You mean now? ” She kept moving, although even to herself she thought it was a little overboard.

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