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By D. I. Trotman-Dickenson, R. Brown, G. Chandler, W. A. Davis

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Differential rates of tax on distributed and undistributed profits are a controversial issue. Would you consider levy of a lower rate of tax on undistributed profits as a good method for increasing business investment and economic growth ? ] 13. An addition to the British tax system was the capital-gains tax. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages as a method of taxation, and the importance of taxes on capital as a source of revenue. ] 14. Examine the degree of progressiveness in British taxation and consider the part played by social justice and economic expediency.

3 and 4: the value is divided by adult population including non-holders of assets to show the relative importance of the different types of savings. 1962. 16. DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH IN BRITAIN 1959-1960 Range of wealth (£ K) Below 3 3-10 10-25 25-50 50-100 100-200 Over 200 All ranges 1 Percentage of taxpayers Percentage of total wealth Average wealth held (£)*■ 87-9 5-1 4-9 1-2 0-6 0-2 0-1 100-0 3-7 12-0 29-0 16-6 15-1 10-6 13-0 100-0 107 6000 15,200 35,250 68,250 136,500 334,100 2576 Wealth calculated from investment income and housing.

Balance of Payments 1. If the Balance of Payments always balances why does it matter how it balances ? ] 2. Explain how and why different countries can have different types of the Balance of Payments problem. ] 3. Persistent deficits on the Balance of Payments lead to economic blight but continuing surpluses are not an unmixed blessing. Comment. ] 4. Distinguish between the Balance of Payments problem of the U K, the U S A and the Germany F R. Suggest the causes and remedies. 8, sec. ] 5. Consider the arguments for and against devaluation of a currency as a solution to the Balance of Payments difficulties.

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