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T . Blanford's obituary in Quarterh' Journal of the Geological Society of London, 46 (1890), 54-56 ; F . Toula, "Zur Erinnerung an Melchior Neumayr" in Annales geologiques de la Peninsule balkanique, 3 (1891), 1-9, with bibliography of 30 titles covering Neumayr's work in the Balkans ; V . Uhlig, "Melchior Neumayr . Sein Leben and Wit- ken," with the seventy-six-centimeter refractor and made extensive computations of the final orbit of the cornet Neuymin 11, discovered by him in 1916 . In 1924 the Scientific Council of Pulkovo Observatory elected him senior astronomer .

In 1888 Netto became professor at the University of Giessen, where he remained until his retirement in 1913 . , enlarged by T . Skolem and Viggo Brun, 1927) he skillfully gathered the scattered literature in this area . His Die Determinanten (Leipzig, 1910) was translated into Russian in 1911 . Netto was a clever, persuasive, and witty teacher who demonstrated his educational abilities and productivity through additional textbooks and other publications on algebra . W . V . FARRAR NERNST, HERMANN WALTHER (h .

Like Stahl's other main disciples-Pott, Henckel, and Juncker-Neumann distinguished clearly between pure and applied chemistry and insisted that the chemical approach to nature was vastly superior to the mechanical philosophy . He envisioned many levels of chemical aggregation and invoked the phlogiston theory to explain combustion and calcinationreduction . Unlike Stahl's other main disciples, Neumann concentrated on pharmaceutical chemistry, thereby reaching and inspiring a generation of pharmacists which included Scheele and Klaproth .

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