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So Caryn Smoke did the only thing that her training would allow her to do in this situation. She took a deep, calming breath and stretched out her left arm with the palm up, exposing the pale tracery of veins at her wrist. “Here,” she said softly, her fear almost hidden. ” Her voice quaked for a moment, but she forced herself to continue. ” Aubrey's gaze flickered to the pulse point on her wrist, but that was the only sign that he cared for the offer at all. ” She saw the amusement in his gaze.

Aubrey took the wrist she offered and used it to draw her toward him. He put a hand on her forehead and gently tilted her head back. Her heart rate tripled in an instant, but she balled her hands into fists to keep from trying to pull away. Don't worry, she heard him say in her mind. It won't hurt. She felt a sharp stinging when his teeth pierced her skin, but it faded almost immediately. The combined anesthesia of vampiric saliva and his whispering voice in her head dulled the pain completely.

A fleeting dream. Ah, Ramsa High School. What a perfect Little niche of Hell, she thought as the bus pulled up to the school. In one year, you will be out of here forever. That fact was the only thing that had convinced Jessica to get out of bed that morning: if she passed senior year, she would never need to succumb to the grasp of Ramsa High again. She had lived in the town of Ramsa since she was twelve, and had long before realized that the other students would never accept her. Few were openly hostile, but no one could be described as warm and fuzzy either.

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