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An in depth wisdom of the terminology and its heritage is critical for a primary knowing literature. This sharply concentrated, authoritative lexicon gives the reader a coherent proposal of microstructure formation and evolution. the entire time period definitions are provided with factors and cross-references that supply a constant photograph of microstructure in metal and non-metallic polycrystalline fabrics. With a intensity and wealth of data no longer often present in different fabrics technology dictionaries, it comprises greater than 1400 phrases utilized in smooth examine and perform. moreover, the entire entries from the dictionary are offered within the English-German/German-English thesaurus, reflecting the massive variety of fabrics technological know-how literature released in German.

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Magnetic domain preventing the appearance of magnetic poles at high-angle grain boundaries or at the free surface in the areas where the main domains with antiparallel magnetization vectors touch the inter faces. Closing domains close the magnetic flux inside the corresponding grain, thereby reducing the magnetostatic energy (see domain structure). coagulation. Sticking together of particles without their merging. Compare with coalescence. coalescence. , subgrains, grains, precipitates, pores, etc.

There are several creep mechanisms: dislocation glide motion, at σ/E > 10 –2; dislocation creep, at σ/E = 10–2–10 –4; and diffusional creep, at σ⁄E < 10 –5 (σ and E are the tensile stress and Young’s modulus, respectively). creep cavitation Occurrence of voids at grain boundaries arranged perpendicular to the direction of tensile stresses. The voids form mainly due to diffusional plasticity, especially at the boundaries where grain-boundary sliding takes place or where precipitate particles are arranged.

It equals 12 in FCC and HCP, 8 in BCC, and 4 in diamond structures. coordination polyhedron Polyhedron whose vertices lie at the centers of the atoms (ions) of the first coordination shell. In covalent crystals, a coordination polyhedron has a shape determined by the number of valence electrons forming covalent bonds, whereas in metallic and ionic crystals, its shape is governed by the ratio of the atom (ion) sizes, the ratio being known as a geometric factor. In the case that atoms (ions) are taken to be rigid spheres, some of them being of a small radius r and others of a greater radius R, and small atoms (ions) are surrounded by greater ones and vice versa, the shape of coordination polyhedrons is determined by the ratio r/R.

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