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Good points: desktop and online game designers; laptop engineers; laptop community directors; machine programmers; desktop carrier technicians; desktops programmers/analysts; caliber insurance testers; software program designers; technical help experts; and, site owners.

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You will also need to learn a programming language like C++ or Java, and you’ll need a good working knowledge of the hardware platform for which you plan to develop your games (video, computer, online). In high school, learn as much as you can about computers: how they work, what kinds there are, how to program them, and any languages you can learn. You should also take physics, chemistry, and computer science. Since designers are creative, take courses such as art, literature, and music as well.

In addition, experiment by creating networks with your own computer, those of your friends, and any printers, modems, and faxes that you have access to. You should play around on computers as much as possible. Read and learn from any resource you can, such as magazines, newsletters, and online bulletin boards. Employers Approximately 278,000 computer network and systems administrators are employed in the United States. Any company or organization that uses computer networks in its business employs network administrators.

The rapid growth of Internet technology has created a new area that also is in need of networking professionals. The Job Businesses use computer networks for several reasons. One important reason is that networks make it easy for many employees to share hardware and software as well as printers, fax machines, and modems. For example, it would be very expensive to buy individual copies of word-processing programs for each employee in a company. By investing in a network version of the software that all employees can access, companies can often save a lot of money.

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