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By Persia Woolley

Within the culture of The as soon as and destiny King and Mists of Avalon, Persia Woolley has created a wealthy, hugely readable, startlingly unique r ecreation of the story of Arthur--seen from Guinevere's standpoint. formerly released via Poseidon.

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Since I can't come, I thought you might take this along," she said cheerfully. I caught a glimpse of a strange embroidered symbol, faded and mysterious, and recognized the talisman she usually wore around her own neck. " r Persia Woolley � 19 I stood there in silence, unable to match the banter of her tone for the tears that were threatening to start again. "It's time you were off, my girl," she added firmly, reaching up to tuck the amulet into the neck of my tunic. " Bending down, I gave her a quick hug.

Love and hope and respect and caring: to have what he and Mama had shared; to stay here among my own people, and marry a man of my own choosing. Any scullery girl or dairymaid had that right; was it too much to ask, when I must be queen as well as wife? They were all there, the words by which to regain control of my life, and they lodged in my gullet like a fishbone, refusing to move either up or down. I tried to clear my throat, and strained to make my voice heard in the silence, but all that came to me was Mama's whisper on the morning of her death .

My father's knobby fingers lay stiff on the soft wool, and I wondered if the warmth helped ease the pain in his joints. At last he paused, rubbing the knuckles of one hand with the other and staring at them in order to avoid looking directly at me. "You know I would never insist you marry someone you didn't like, and I worry that you're not happy with this choice. " His voice trailed off uncertainly, for though we had discussed many subjects together over the years, things of the heart had never been among them.

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