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By Al Horowitz

In this ebook, I. A. Horowitz, Chess Editor of the New York Times and previous U.S. Open Champion, applies a few of the principles and convictions got from thirty-five years of enjoying, educating and reading the royal online game. He emphasizes the tactical features of the sport: the way to realize the large likelihood and hit demanding while it happens. He additionally stresses the information and strategies in beginning play, instead of the regimen memorizing of adaptations that takes the enjoyment out of chess for therefore many beginners.

When you might have accomplished this ebook, it is possible for you to to play chess with excitement and a few skill.

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On move. In this position, White also is on move, but the White King is not in check. White has no legal moves. ) When a player game is draufn. The player is is goes, his White is King is subject to stalemated. not in check and he has no legal moves stalemated. White on move. The King no legal move. A Knight and a Pawn alone are not enough to cause a has checkmate. in this But, suffice to they cause a stalemate. position, that 33 STALEMATE The Black King has no legal moves. The Queen is the only piece that can mate, single-handed.

Pawn, it is not necessary to say that this Pawn is the King Pawn. Pawn, Thus, in this particular position, NxP is sufficient. Black relied too much on this King-Knight's being pinned. Seemingly jt could not move. in spite of this, White has Has White overlooked Black plays BxQ. If it blithely this? did, White moved lost his Queen! his Knight. Has he made a costly error? But, PICTURE GUIDE 54 TO BEGINNER'S CHESS 6 ... Black plays Bishop takes Queen. BxQ * When your opponent makes what looks like an obvious error, always take some extra time to make sure this isn't a trap!

Black responds with P-K4. moves as P-Q4 Nowadays, -or P-QB4. TO BEGINNER'S CHESS PICTURE GUIDE 44 Like Ms P-K4 ... 1 opponent, Black had 20 moves at his disposal: but he chose to play what White did. And this move brought him similar advantages. Experience has shown that other moves are also satisfactory (such moves as who is P-K3, P-QB4, N-KB3, P-QB3). learning, P-K4 is Yet, for a player advisable. The players make alternate moves. In certain games, a player need not take his turn (for example, the Japanese game of Go).

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