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By Selby Anderson

The Portuguese edition (after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4) ranks as Black's so much combative procedure within the heart Counter security, heavily allied to the Icelandic gambit (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 e6, additionally coated here!). within the Portuguese, Black bargains a pawn for quick improvement and the opportunity to use vulnerable squares within the enemy camp. The ensuing play is sharp and trappy, with lots of "coffeehouse" style for these wishing to combine it up as Black. An further gain is the novelty of the road, which got here into prominence in basic terms in the early Nineties. hence many avid gamers of White can nonetheless be stuck unaware, falling sufferer to an early knockout. No mere shock weapon, although, the Portuguese has been validated within the hearth of worldwide category event chess. evidence of the line's energy is it truly is adoption by means of competitive Grandmasters corresponding to Spraggett, Hodgson, Shirov and Hebden. This e-book is the 1st committed solely to the Portuguese edition. In a examine journey de strength, NM Selby Anderson has assembled all suitable video games and articles, then fed it to best chess engines like Fritz4 and Chess computing device. for this reason, the excessive percent of unique research came upon right here stands in stark distinction to the common beginning monograph. avid gamers of any point will savour the author's mild and witty method the entire whereas shelling out deadly doses of tactical pollutants. Pity the negative participant who stumbles into the Portuguese with out this publication!

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I was happy to play a forcing move against the great Ljubojevic (my mis­ taken 18 ... e6) but if I had thought more deeply, and made sure a pair of rooks left the board, I would have ob­ tained a harmonious position with at­ tacking chances. Sometimes the first move you look at (of course anyone would see ... e6 first) is not the best. And sometimes chess logic is sim­ ple: how many good squares do I have for my rooks? One. How many rooks do I have? Two. Then exchange one of them! A Bl underfu l Opportunity Game 4 M.

This lack of logic can blind you to a critical move that would otherwise be obvious. ) 36... Lagemann, Los Angeles (rapid) 2008. I can't get excited over this game at all now, since it was too easy. The logic came about because Black put up no resistance. In the main game there is a different story; though I get the advantage out of the opening, I fail to follow up cor­ rectly- and the seesaw begins! 1... g4 I play Capablanca's defence system, which has an excellent reputation to this day. 4 c4 c6 5 b3 tt:lbd7 6 i..

D) 56 .. d3+ 58 �e6! (but not 58 Wc7? xc8+ 63 Wxc8 b2 and the passed pawns beat the rook) and even if Black pulls out all the stops he still can't force the win: and: a) 56 ... b1 ? (now White's passed pawn is too dangerous) 57 c6 b3 (or 57 ... b8 and it's White who wins. b) 56 ... b3? c2+ 67 Wb7 l:b2+ 68 'iti>c8 'iti>e8 draws. c) 56... c3 61 'it>f6, and with both king and rook more active than their counterparts, White draws easily. d3+ 64 We7 (not 64 Wc8?? a3 and the pawns go through) 64 ...

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