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By Diana Wynne Jones

For hundreds of years, Dalemark has been a land divided via the warring earldoms of the North and South. Now, with the aid of the timeless, the mysterious gods of Dalemark, 4 remarkable youngsters -- from the prior, current, and destiny -- nust sign up for forces to reunify their liked land.When Moril inherits his father's prized device -- a Cwidder acknowledged to have belonged to at least one of the timeless -- he needs to discover ways to harness its unusual strength in time to avoid a harmful civil struggle.

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Yes, and I thought Mother was really going to call his bluff for a moment then,' said Dagner. 'He knew darned well Mother wouldn't go, because it wasn't her duty, but he had an anxious moment all the same, didn't he? ' 'That was just his way,' said Brid. 'It was all just his way,' said Dagner. 'Look, Brid, I don't want to pull Father to pieces any more than you do, but in some ways he was—oh, maddening. ' Moril was blinking a little at all this. It was so unlike Dagner to talk so much or so clearly.

I'd spoil them,' Brid said, quite shocked. Kialan roared with laughter, which seemed to restore Brid's frayed temper. She took it quite cheerfully when Moril discovered the only food they had was bread and onions. 'I knew we'd need those rabbits,' Kialan said dejectedly. 'We all had a good lunch,' said Brid. Moril had the notion of frying the bread and onions together. Unfortunately, it was then so dark that he could not see to fry. The mixture he turned out of the frying-pan was extremely singed, and it was only eaten because everyone was very hungry.

Go on. Tell them he's related to the Earl. Say Mother's Tholian's niece. Make a fuss. Ask them to send for Ganner. Make it quite clear that we're well-connected. And when you see Dagner, tell him to do the same. Go on. ' Obediently, Moril scurried off across the square. He was so shaken that he could think of nothing else to do, even though he knew in his heart that it was no good. In the South, when they arrested people, even for small offences, it took more than a boy talking about noble relatives to get them out of prison.

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