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This ebook is largely a chess educating computer. the way in which a instructing computing device works is: It asks you a query. for those who supply the proper resolution, it is going directly to the following query. should you provide the inaccurate solution, it tells you why the answer's fallacious and tells you to return and take a look at back. this is often known as "programmed learning". the true authors have been specialists and gurus within the box of programmed studying. Bobby Fischer lent his identify to the undertaking. Stuart Margulies is a chess grasp and in addition a famous authority on programmed studying. he's a commonly released writer of greater than forty books, all within the box of programmed studying, specifically in studying how one can learn. for instance, one in all his books is "Critical analyzing for skillability 1 : introductory level". Donn Mosenfelder isn't a identified or famous chess participant, yet he used to be the landlord of the corporate that constructed and designed this booklet. He has written greater than 25 books, just about all on simple studying, writing and math. The definitive method to how you can play chess, or to grasp extra advanced chess suggestions.

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Choosing to enter the rook ending shows a little lack of technique. The old Russian mas­ ters always thought that you should improve your position slowly. xc4 36 J:tb5! f2 52 f5 c2 53 J:tc1 ':'e2+ 54 Wd6 Wc3 55 f6 J:tf2 56 We7 Wd2 % - % Came 20 Berg-I. e7 Black does not wish to accept doubled pawns. ::'f e1 For 12 h3 see Game 21. Better, however, is 1 2 Mae 1 . Then 1 2... lIeS 1 3 tiJdl ! e6 1 5 b 3 'ilYd7 1 6 tiJe3, 1 2. �bS 13 tiJdl SLe6 14 h3 tiJeS 1 5 SLxe7 �xe7 16 Me2 tiJd6 1 7 Mfe 1 all seem to be better for \Xfhite.

CtJh7!. e7 1 2 h3!? ih4?! ixg5 20 b4!. According to Gutman this move gives White an advantage. d3 1 2 . . h6 Or: a) 1 2... b8 1 6 b 3 was slighdy better for White in Santo Roman-Boudre, France 1 99 1 . id6 1 5 liJe2!? xd6 ii'xd6 1 7 liJa4 J:lf4 1 8 'ifg3 liJh5 is given by Gutman; here 1 9 'ife3! e8 1 6 liJg3 fHc7?? (16 ... ae1 gxh6 1 9 'ti'xf6! and White won, Murillo-Ugalde, Antiguo 1 999. f4 lLlh7 !? Black is trying to manoeuvre the knight to e6, where it will be ideally placed protecting c5 and the king.

Tn 'il¥e5 Black's advantage should not be underestimated White has no counterplay. 25 h3? xh3 26 gxh3 lli'g3+ 27 �h1 'iixh3+ 28 �g1 g4!

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