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Nearly all of software program purposes use relational databases that almost each software developer needs to paintings with. This e-book introduces you to database layout, even if you're a DBA or database developer. You'll become aware of what databases are, their pursuits, and why right layout is important to accomplish these objectives. also, you'll grasp easy methods to constitution the database so it offers sturdy functionality whereas minimizing the opportunity for blunders. you'll the way to come to a decision what might be in a database to fulfill the application's necessities.

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When you try to remove that city from your list of valid locations, the database can tell you if you have existing customers in that city. Depending on the database’s design, it could refuse to allow you to remove the city until you apologized to those customers and removed them from the database. All of these techniques rely on a good, solid database design. They still can’t protect you from a user who types first names in the last name field or who keeps accidentally bumping the CAPS LOCK KEY, but it can prevent many types of errors that a notebook can’t.

Atomic Transactions Recall that an atomic transaction is a possibly complex series of actions that is considered as a single operation by those not involved directly in performing the transaction. If you transfer $100 from Alice’s account to Bob’s account, no one else can see the database while it is in an intermediate state where the money has been removed from Alice’s account and not yet added to Bob’s. The transaction either happens completely or none of its pieces happen — it cannot happen halfway.

If a fire burns up your accounts receivable notebook, you’ll have to rely on your customers’ honesty in paying what they owe you. Though we like customers, I’m not sure most businesses trust them to that extent. In theory you could make copies of a notebook and store them in separate locations to protect against these sorts of accidents, but in practice few businesses (except perhaps money laundering, smuggling, and other endeavors where it’s handy to show law enforcement officials one set of books and the ‘‘shareholders’’ another) do.

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