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She had never had a problem before. The only difficulty in the past had been in keeping the conversation idle, so that no words of love or desire escaped the lips of any man other than her betrothed. She sighed as sadness crept over her. That would be no problem here. It was hard not to dwell upon the rather cruel twists of fate. For once she felt an honest desire to hear sweet words, but she was certain the man at her side would give her few. Thayer studied the girl at his side. When she looked up at him, he read no guile in her wide-eyed, upturned face.

As always when she indulged in such a venting of her temper, she finally mouthed one that struck her as funny. Chuckling softly, she watched her door open and grinned when her cousin Margaret cautiously peeked inside. ” Margaret slowly entered the room, easing the door shut behind her. “Aye. I just put a curse on every man in the kingdom. ” She giggled again. ” Smiling faintly, Margaret placed an elaborately embroidered gown on the bed. “Your bride’s dress. ’Tis finally done. ” Sitting up, Gytha gently touched the gown, recognizing and appreciating its beauty but not very pleased to see it.

He gave a soft, high-pitched scream as he was yet again grabbed by the front of the cotehardie. ” “Dead,” squeaked Robert and was tossed aside, striking his head on the floor hard enough to render him unconscious. ” “Claims who? ” “He fell from his mount or was thrown. His neck was broken. ” Despite the many clues tossed out in the brief, loud confrontation, John was still uncertain of who the angry man was. ” His thoughts centered on the loss of William, Thayer absently endured a round of introductions.

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