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Beating the Ruy Lopez with the Fianchetto edition

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Example text

B - ǹ 
įȯ k  )Ĕ  Ĕ oĔ)Ĕ *Á)Ĕ ǹp‰¤ǹǹ ǹǹ
ǹ‰ǹ @Jǹ Ĕ Ĕ ÍĔ Ď#"Ĕ ĸǖ ǹǹ

ǹǹ³¼ǹǹ! Jǹ %Ĕ T,Ĕ ,Ĕ Ø)Ĕ & Ĕ . *ĭ"ĭ0FFĭ· Fğ™ų m ĭ& 8ĭ+0*ĭ<™<ĭ302ĭĭ^ U'ĭ? Ȼ  F@%Ȼ « $S|‰+€« JX›+« +ˆXpQ«†S+« ˜¢« it{D« žW« ˆS+« IWp$S89t«›€W†Wup« $ Ĕ ’kCȻ>AóȻȻ6&6Ȼ >Ȼ[/Lĩ6Ȼm&½N6Ȼ ȻN6ȻǦǧȻĝȻêȻ RDz 66 Ȼ &<Ȼ ’ȻĿ Ę Ȼ xȻ xCȻ Ȼ Ȼ [/LȻ Ȼ NȻ 3Ȼ fǹ 6Ȼ Ƞ¨6&xȻ"5Ȼ $$$Ĕ U~UĔ %i Vǵƚǹǹ ǹǹsǹǹ ǹ ǹ =ǹǹŵƙ ǹ  [ ǹ Źƒ"ǹ'ǹǹ ǹǹŽǹǹǹ•(ȻÆǹ ÒƬ·ǹ $)+)ǹ2vǹ ħ !

HȻ Ȼ  @#
Ȼ `8
Ȼ  5Ȼ +ƒˆ£Ȼ $/] Ȼ ƼȣN&ĂȻ @
 <# Ĵ ¤'8ȴZZ j Ȼ ; ? ǹ  ×iǹ Ž#ǹ  ǹ  ²ǹ ǹ  ǹ ǹ ǝ ǹ ǹ ǹ ǧ DŽǹǹǹ ǹ ŨǹǶǹ $ ! Ƈȥ « "  *Ĕ k #ȥ(Öȥ PǹǼ? O  Ǽ Ȼ ): ȻS90Ȼy" Ȼ,Ȼ. _ȻO %YȻ0‡Ȼ ƭ:Ǭƿ Ȼy"Ȼ9· Ȼ‡ Ȼ Œ Ȼ  'Ȼ @@Ĕ @ eĔ ­Ĕ =Ĕ « $S{‰+€« ƒW¡« +‡XrQ« ‡S+« €™œ«it}-¦«žX†S« †S-« JXr$S+‡‡t«›€X†Wts«  Ĕ t¸ <Ĕ «  Ĕ iDz&(ADz  Dz"eDz (Dz 'Dz Dz Dz, #%Dz!

D2ǹ X" Eǹ  (ǹ ǹ L g /,ǹ  Ùǹ a)* ,ǹ-6āǹW(ǹ" ǹ ǹa a 5Ì)^ǹd´NĴǹa)˜8"! ½†Nǹ†Nǹǹ ¾nnǹ-2Ăǹǹ|! ǹ  )Kǹ Æ ‰ĭ  ĭšȻ  ĭ J =]ĭ ĭ ìÒÖ ĭ6=Ģĭ9ĭ$ Šĭ]=( =ĭ¸ï9ĭĭ¬¥ĭ « +†WpQ«†V+«€™¢« it{D« žW‘« ‘+« IXp$V67t«›€W†Wtp« Ĕ « Ĕ 7[ ǹ ǹ(ǹ(
Ơǹǹ ǹǹ ǹǹ7°ǹ…ǹǹǹ  œ*ǹ 2Ĕ 6Ĕ 8K #Ĕ ({†+€« Kt˜€« ªĔ #*Ĕ Ĕ ǹÇ €*ǹ’ō-3€ǹXÞ ǹǹëǹǹ' ;ǹ_3 <ǹÎǹ 3@ǹ ƴǹ3HƐ'å@Jǹ >Ĕ > Ĕ #Ĕ  Ĕ oĔ .

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