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Theres no mistake...God is looking for you. acquaintances, academics, and the realm ordinarily will let you know that Christianity and religion is a lie. Atheism and jap religions are extra trendy. The tradition tells you to appear and act definite methods or humans will imagine you re a loser or bizarre. in case you say you suspect in God, you could count on humans to be on your face, doing their most sensible to rip down God, the Bible, and your trust in Christ. by way of now, you'll actually have a few doubts - every thing turns out loopy and unnecessary, how will you think God rather does care approximately what's going with you? Or if God is in command of this chaos known as lifestyles? You aren t the one one with questions! locate nice solutions to well known religion questions and become aware of why the area is any such mess, why you could think in Christ, and why God desires a courting with you!

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And the genetic information being passed around is still bacterial information, not the information to evolve into a multi-cellular organism like a lizard or a mouse. Thus, no new information is being created, only shuffled around between bacteria. And the bacteria that happened to have been dealt some resistance genes are able to survive when attacked with modern medicine’s antibiotic arsenal. Then they reproduce to build a resistant population. Proof that antibiotic resistance represents only the natural selection of information already present in bacteria and not evolution to escape antibiotic attack was found in Arctic ice.

But the fact is it was both! God used human authors, but He inspired them to write what He wanted written. • Copyist errors: When the Bible was originally written by its inspired authors (Moses, David, Peter, Paul, and others), it was inerrant (without flaws or mistakes). But since then, people have made copies of it, and sometimes we see copyist mistakes. The few mistakes we see make little if any difference to theology. In some cases, these changes were likely deliberate, like updating a word that was out of date or not used any longer.

He believed that simple life forms developed and gradually got more and more complex, forming ancestors for all sorts of plants and animals and microbes and humans. We call this “molecules-to-man” evolution, or “gooto-you” evolution. There is no way for living things to randomly form themselves from non-living things. This has never ever been observed or discovered and is even a law of biology — the law of biogenesis. Living things only come from living things. Darwin thought that natural selection — the gradual selection of the fittest life forms for survival — resulted in the formation of more complex organisms.

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