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By Guoliang Wang, Qingling Zhang, Xinggang Yan

This monograph is an up to date presentation of the research and layout of singular Markovian leap structures (SMJSs) within which the transition expense matrix of the underlying structures is mostly doubtful, in part unknown and designed. the issues addressed contain balance, stabilization, H∞ regulate and filtering, observer layout, and adaptive keep watch over. purposes of Markov technique are investigated through the use of Lyapunov idea, linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), S-procedure and the stochastic Barbalat’s Lemma, between different techniques.

Features of the booklet include:

· examine of the steadiness challenge for SMJSs with basic transition fee matrices (TRMs);

· stabilization for SMJSs via TRM layout, noise keep an eye on, proportional-derivative and in part mode-dependent keep an eye on, when it comes to LMIs with and with out equation constraints;

· mode-dependent and mode-independent H∞ regulate options with improvement of one of those disordered controller;

· observer-based controllers of SMJSs during which either the designed observer and controller are both mode-dependent or mode-independent;

· attention of strong H∞ filtering by way of doubtful TRM or filter out parameters resulting in a style for absolutely mode-independent filtering

· improvement of LMI-based stipulations for a category of adaptive nation suggestions controllers with almost-certainly-bounded anticipated mistakes and almost-certainly-asymptotically-stable corresponding closed-loop process states

· functions of Markov method on singular platforms with norm bounded uncertainties and time-varying delays

Analysis and layout of Singular Markovian leap Systems comprises necessary reference fabric for educational researchers wishing to discover the world. The contents also are compatible for a one-semester graduate course.

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Example text

1. 9) can be obtained. 25δii2 T¯i − δii W¯ i + ρi j X iT E T (P j − Pi )X i . 19). This completes the proof. 1). 22) where ⎢ ⎣ ≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ Δˆ i2 = πi1 PiT , . . , πi(i−1) PiT πi(i+1) PiT , . . , πi N PiT , Δˆ i3 = −diag{(P1 )Π − ε1 I, . . , (Pi−1 )Π − εi−1 I, (Pi+1 )Π − εi+1 I, . . , (PN )Π − ε N I }. 2 Robust Stabilization 57 Then, the corresponding gain is given as K i = Yi Pi−1 . 1). 25)  where ⎢ ⎣ ≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ Δˇ i2 = πi1 X iT , . . , πi(i−1) X iT πi(i+1) X iT , . . , πi N X iT , ⎣ ⎢ ≤ ≤ ≤ ≤ Δˆ i3 = πi1 X iT E T , .

97) which implies T Fi1 N˜ 2 < γi2 N˜ 2T Fi1 ⎪ ⎡T 2 2 B˜ i1 + μI B˜ i1 −1 . 99) 2 (B ˜ 2 )T + μI ) 21 . Then for any i ∞ S, there exists a sufficient where Nˆ i2 = N˜ 2 ( B˜ i1 i1 small κ > 0 such that 1 . 100) Fi1 Nˆ i2 < γi (1 + κ) Let T Mˆ i = M˜ 1T Mˆ i2 T , Nˆ i = N˜ 1 Nˆ i2 , 2 (B ˜ 2 )T + μI )− 21 M˜ 2 . 101) 2 (B ˆ 2 )T = ( B˜ 2 ( B˜ 2 )T +μI )− 21 B˜ 2 ( B˜ 2 )T ( B˜ 2 ( B˜ 2 )T +μI )− 12 < I . 101). 73) is rewritten as Nˆ −1 x = xˆ T xˆ T i 1 2 36 2 Stability ⎪ ⎡  ˙ˆ1 (t) = A˜ i1 xˆ1 (t) + Aˆ 1 z(t) + B˜ 1 f i1 t, N˜ 1 xˆ1 + Nˆ i2 xˆ2 , z ,  x  i2 i1    ⎪ ⎡ 2 2 0 = xˆ2 (t) + Aˆ i2 z(t) + Bˆ i1 f i1 t, N˜ 1 xˆ1 + Nˆ i2 xˆ2 , z ,   ⎪ ⎡    ω z˙ (t) = Aˆ 1 xˆ (t) + Aˆ 2 xˆ (t) + A z(t) + B f t, N˜ xˆ + Nˆ xˆ , z .

6), some additional inequalities are introduced or some parameters are given beforehand. 1, a corollary could be obtained directly, in which no more inequalities are used and no parameters are given in advance.

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