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By Timothy Leary

Publish yr note: First released November 1st 2008

Death is more and more at the time table for child boomers relocating ever in the direction of it. Timothy Leary brings a few startlingly clean rules to this subject. essentially, he claims, we've been brainwashed through our associations — executive, geared up faith, the healthcare — to simply accept loss of life as an inevitable finish. Leary argues in its place that demise is misunderstood, that we don't have to die, and that there are "commonsense alternatives."

His idea rests at the transhumanist technique that claims people are evolving into non secular machines — beings which are half human and half laptop and finally won't die because the time period is usually understood. Being geared up with computer components like bionic knees is a part of this approach. And as we evolve during the cybernetic age, he says, we are going to achieve new knowledge that broadens our definition of non-public immortality and gene-pool survival — the "postbiologic choice of the knowledge species."

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Lilly showed that an isolated mind can study its own processes, free of feedback with the external world. Relaxation Physical restoration can be accelerated through the use of flotations therapy. When floating the body reaches states of total relaxation where tension is released and the energy is allowed to flow into the needed areas. When the burden of processing is reduced, Alternatives to Involuntary Death 51 the body has access to immense resources to heal itself. This healing energy is intelligent, needs no direction, and prioritizes according to ones personal needs.

We realize that the concept of involuntary, irreversible metabolic coma known as “death” is a lethal, feudal superstition, a cruel marketing tactic of industrial society. We understand that one can discover dozens of active, creative alternatives to going belly-up clutching the company logo of the Christian Cross, Blue Cross, or Crescent Cross, or the eligibility cards of the Veterans Administration. —To die, to sleep;— No more; and, by a sleep, to say we end The heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to,—’t is a consummation Devoutly to be wished.

Many other cultures all over the globe believe in two souls, one like the conscious, the other like the unconscious, which separated at death. Many cultures hold that one soul would go on to reincarnate, while the other would become trapped in a dreamlike Alternatives to Involuntary Death 39 netherworld. Some believe that this division could be prevented or reversed, while others see the division as being inevitable. The two stages of near-death experiences—a detached, objective, and dispassionate black void followed by a subjective, relationship-oriented, and emotionally intense realm of light—reflect the distinctions between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

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