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N) Individual weight as high as 30 g have been achieved in Indonesia in growout ponds, adopting unique culture techniques. Disadvantages (a) They do not generally grow to a large size. (b) Susceptible for Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV) infection. Chapter 3 Water Quality Management The emphasis on water quality standards for shrimp aquaculture is much more than the other farming systems. Shrimps are considered to be more sensitive to abrupt changes in water quality parameters and hence utmost care needs to be exercised to maintain the water quality in shrimp farms.

Provisional Key for the Identification of Post-larvae of Penaeus monodon, F. indicus and P. semisulcatus (Subrahmanyan and Rao, 1970) (a) Five to seven reddish-brown (or yellowish) chromatophores on the ventral side of the sixth abdominal somite (segment). One reddish-brown chromatophore at the anterior end of the six abdominal segment laterally. Fenneropenaeus indicus More than eight chromatophores on the ventral side of the sixth abdominal somite. Present or absent of one reddish-brown chromatophore at the anterior end of the sixth abdominal segment.

No. Percent Sand Per- cent Silt Percent Clay 1. 28 22 50 Clay – – Very abundant 2. 15 44 42 Silty Clay Loam Abundant 3 63 14 23 Sandy Clay Loam Few 4. 79 10 11 Sandy Loam – Very few Growth of Benthic Algae Soil Texture Preparation of the pond soil is very important in growing “lab-lab”. To assure a uniform growth of algae, the pond bottom should be leveled so that there are no high points or depressions. The pond bottom should not be hard but must be firm enough to serve as a holdfast for the algae.

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