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By Steven Rasmussen, Spreck Rosekraus

Key to Decimals starts off with uncomplicated suggestions and operations on decimals. Then it covers real-world makes use of of decimals in pricing, activities, metrics, calculators, and technology. booklet 2 makes a speciality of including, Subtracting, and Multiplying. structure: PaperbackPublisher: Key Curriculum PressISBN: 0-913684-22-8

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Key to Decimals: Book 4: Using Decimals

Key to Decimals starts with easy strategies and operations on decimals. It covers real-world makes use of of decimals in pricing, activities, metrics, calculators, and technological know-how. publication four covers utilizing decimals. layout: PaperbackPublisher: Key Curriculum PressISBN: 0-913684-24-4

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