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By Meredith Ann Pierce

Publication of the Darkangel Trilogy! Aeriel has damaged the spell at the vampiric darkangel referred to as Irrylath and back him to his human shape, however the White Witch keeps to hang-out his goals. to avoid wasting her love and the realm they reside in, Aeriel units off on a quest around the Sea-of-Dust, to unravel a mysterious riddle and assemble six magical steeds. Pursued via the White Witch and haunted by means of her six ultimate darkangels, the previous slave woman seeks out an historical oracle who will help her have the option to defeat her enemies.

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Nat and Galnor, traveling players. " Her companion caught all six olives then, seemingly at once. He tossed three to Nat, who offered Aeriel one. Aeriel accepted gratefully, bit into the dark, salty flesh. Her hunger and thirst were beginning to return. She laid her bandolyn upon the floor and glanced about to see when supper might be served. Outside, the light of setting Sol-star was growing very dim. Aeriel felt the evening chill even so near the fire. Servers began to close and bar the shutters.

The person himself stood straighter, seemed neither disheveled nor ancient now, and lean rather than starved. The stick he held was not a gnarled crook at all, but a tall, straight staff. "Ah, yes, much better," he said again, holding his hands once more to the flame. " Aeriel stared. "But—I feel no heat from it," she said at last, not knowing what to say. The person looked up, as though just then remembering her. " He smiled. "You would not, for you have eaten of the tree, and so may see the beacon's light—as I cannot, for I have never tasted that fruit.

The youth flung the staff from him with a cry. Aeriel caught it and laid her hand upon the gargoyle's collar. She approached the captain of the thieves. " she demanded. Galnor and Nat had come behind her. " The bandit lord eyed her uneasily, tugging one tail of his mustache. " "Your prisoner," said Aeriel. " "That Beast is worth a queen's ransom," the bandit snapped. " Aeriel said. Anger welled in her for the first time then. She reached into the sleeve of Hadin's robe, drew out a handful of deep blue dust.

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