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By Lauren Haney

To Honor The Gods Amid Treachery and DeathFrom all over the place, they've got come to the capital urban of Waset for the opulent ceremonial dinner of Opet-- sovereigns and supplicants, the pious and proud, collecting for the eleven-day-long revelries. whereas greeting associates and fellow Medjay officials on the bustling harbor, Lieutenant Bak is distracted through foul homicide, the invention of the physique of a Hittite horse dealer, his throat savagely reduce. Bak has no authority to enquire what can be a uncomplicated topic of Hittite politics -- till comparable murders happen in the sacred precinct of the Lord Amon. notwithstanding this urban isn't really his personal, Bak eagerly concurs to help within the research. yet his made up our minds look for connections embroils him in a terrifying conspiracy that issues to the courtroom of Queen Hatshepsut herself. Untold others can be becoming a member of the ranks of the useless earlier than the villain is completed -- with Lieutenant Bak numbered between them.

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Crows marched across trampled grasses and weeds, searching for bits of food dropped and forgotten. A dog gnawing a bone growled each time one of the large black and gray birds came close, threatening to steal his prize. Bak glanced at the lord Re, already three-quarters of the way across the vault of heaven. No wonder he was hungry. The food vendors would, by this time, have all moved to the far end of the processional way, near Ipet-resyt. More than a quarter hour’s fast walk. He hastened southward.

The daily ceremony was one in which food offerings were distributed as extra rations to personnel who toiled in the god’s mansion and to others who petitioned for a share. Why would a man who held such an important but transitory and innocuous task be slain? ” With an absentminded smile, Bak accepted a jar of beer from the boy who had brought them from the barque sanctuary over an hour earlier. ” The boy, wide-eyed with curiosity and thrilled at being allowed to help, handed a jar to Amonked and another to Meryamon.

Bak gave him a sharp look. ” “Hapuseneb must shoulder many tasks through the length of the Beautiful Feast of Opet. As a result, he’ll be unavailable much of the time. He told me he’d given Woserhet a special assignment and asked me to be available should he need me. ” Amonked glanced at the kitten, his expression troubled. “I agreed and thought no more of it. ” Bak leaned against the low outer wall of the beautifully symmetrical building, indifferent to its rich reliefs of the ancient king and the lord Min.

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