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By Steve Giddins

In a sequel to the highly winning 50 crucial Chess classes, Steve Giddins now offers 50 video games that every illustrate a massive profitable approach. This attractive and hugely readable publication is a painless method to construct your individual arsenal of options and ideas. The video games are usually from the fashionable period, yet with a number of vintage examples selected to teach key topics in as transparent a manner as attainable. In those situations, the defender could have by no means noticeable the serious proposal earlier than, and fails to react effectively. We then movement directly to extra advanced examples the place the attacker must conquer stiffer resistance. Giddins many times indicates that regardless of the tactical complexity of lots of those battles, the elemental suggestions will be grasped by means of all chess-players, and may support them navigate via it appears intimidating terrain. the numerous subject matters comprise: * Attacking susceptible color complexes * the primary of 2 weaknesses * selecting the right exchanges * Devastating establishing coaching * Manoeuvring in 'restraint' constructions * dealing with must-win events

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N-B3 N-B3 4. B-NS B-NS 5. 0-0 0-0 6. BxN N PxB 7. NxP R-K I 8. P-Q4 BxN 9. PxB NxP I 0. R-K I N-Q3 I I . Q-N4 Q-B3 1 2. B-R3 R-Q I 1 3. R-K3 N-B4 1 4. R-B3 P-Q4 1 5. Q-RS P-N3 1 6. N-N4! Q-R I 1 7. Q-NS B-K3 1 8. RxN! BxR 1 9. N-R6ch K-N2 20. NxBch K-N I 2 1 . , Black resigns The upcoming 22. B-B6 will disconcert the Black lady. S. Open, 1 938): I . P-Q4 N­ KB3 2. B-NS N-KS 3. B-R4 P-Q4 4. P-K3 P-QB4 5. P-QB3 Q-N3! 6. Q-B I Q-KR3! (Lyman notes that during the post-mortem the ever-generous Mac praised highly this Queen maneuver.

B-B2 Q-R4 I 0. 0-0 BxN I I . 46 The Bobby Fischer I Knew and Other Stories PxB QxBP 1 2. Q-N I 0-0 1 3. P-K4 PxP 1 4. B-Q2 Q-R6 I S. B-N4 Q-R3 1 6. BxR PxN 1 7. B-K7?? Q-K3, White resigns White cannot save his Bishop and defend against the crushing threat of 18 . . Q-N5 . The game is theoretically important because most authorities consider White's game as won after 17. B-N4 instead of Maroczy's blunder, 17. B-K7 ? . This opinion dates back to Alexander Alekhine's comments in his book on the New York 1927 tourna­ ment-comments which were later ratified by Efim Bogolyubov in Die Moderne Eroffnung: 1.

AI was nothing if not thoroughly careful. He guards against such eventualities as 3 1 . . N/6xP? 32. RxN/Q4 QxN 33 . 14. Q-B2 or 3 1 . . N/4xQP 32. N-B7ch RxN 33. RxR. In the latter line, Black cannot play . . N-K7ch because of the pin. 32. B-R3 N/3xP 33. Rl l xN NxR 34. RxRch KxR 35. N-Q7ch QxN! After this fine move, planned long in advance, Black has only a hit of mopping up to do. 36. BxQ N-K7ch 37. K-B I NxQ 38. BxR NxP 39. B-Q7 N-NS 40. K-K2 K-K2 4 1 . B-BS P-KR3 42. P-N4 K-B 3 43. P-R4 P-B4 44.

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