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By Steve Giddins

Steve Giddins has selected 50 supremely instructive video games - a few outdated, a few new, and together with many who few readers could have visible sooner than. He has annotated those video games intimately from a contemporary standpoint, explaining the invaluable classes that may be learnt from them, whereas heading off the damaging dogma that characterised many older works of this kind. themes contain: Attacking the King, Defence, Piece strength, and Endgame subject matters. every one video game is by way of a recap of the most classes to be learned.

Giddins writes in a hugely available down-to-earth kind that appeals to membership gamers looking to enhance their figuring out of useful chess. His wisdom of Russian-language chess literature has enabled him to discover many fantastic examples that experience now not seemed in past western literature.

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If the attack fails to break through, the queenside pawn weaknesses could come back to haunt White, so before allowing such a positional transformation, Short had to be fairly sure that his attack would decide the game. a3, winning the exchange. 19 bxc4 l::te8 20 l::td1! (D) B This is a crucial moment. White has maintained his pawn on e5, and with it his space advantage. Black also still has to find active employment for his queen's bishop, while his other bishop remains shut out on g7. However, despite these advantages, White needs to find a plan.

Xd5! 16 lt'lxd5 lt'lxd5 17 c4 ~f6! e5 ~e3+! and Black is doing excellently. Uploaded to Ctorrents - Leaked out elsewhere PIECE POWER 49 14•••lt:Jxd5 15 b4 (D) B B Black appears to be losing material, as if the bishop retreats, White wins a piece: 15 ... e5 'iVg5+ 19 f4. However, Simagin now reveals the point of his play. •lt:Jxf4! xdS Black has only rook and bishop for his queen, not normally a full material equivalent. However, he also has some positional advantages, notably the fact that White's king is rather exposed, thanks to the advance of his queenside pawns.

N Radically preventing White's threatened 29 g5 advance, and fixing the kingside pawns. It may look as though the move exposes Black's king, but White is in no position to exploit this. c3 30 ~d6 A last desperate attempt to get counterplay. b3, followed by doubling rooks on their 6th rank. l::tc4 (D) Even with his queen around the back of the black position, White cannot find any targets. The Essential Lessons • Although normally the most powerful piece on the board, the queen needs weaknesses and targets.

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